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Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers about ordering with Alexander Arms®. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to ask us.

For answers to frequently asked questions about our products, please see the Product FAQs page.

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When am I charged for my order?
Alexander Arms® DOES NOT EVER charge a customer for any item or in any amount until the item is prepared for shipment. For customers who place an order in our Online Store, we take the opportunity to preauthorize your credit card for $1.00.
What is the initial transaction that appears on my credit card?

The initial transaction you see on your credit card ledger immediately after placing an order with us is a preauthorization. This is a temporary verification of credit card account status and is not a charge in any way. Preauthorizations are not charges and automatically expire after no longer than 48 hours.

Why does my initial preauthorization remain after several days?
Preauthorizations may still appear in your ledger after 48 hours. This fully depends on the policies and procedures of your credit card company or banking institution. We are unable to control how your credit card company or banking institution handles the preauthorization. We are only able to specify to them that it should expire after no longer than 48 hours. You and only you can correct this, if necessary, by contacting your credit card company or bank to request removal of the preauthorization. We are happy to assist as required by the other company.
When is my credit card charged for my order and what happens then?
Once your order is packaged and prepared for shipment, we will attempt to fully-authorize your credit card payment for the items being shipped plus any applicable shipping costs. Once payment is secured, a shipment confirmation e-mail message will automatically be sent to you. Your order will then be received by the shipping courier within one business day.
If my order is ready for shipment and my credit card is declined, will you automatically cancel my order?
No, we do not automatically cancel orders for any reason. We will always contact you regarding any issue of any kind that may occur with the processing, payment, or shipment of your order.
Order Shipment
Will I be notified of the shipment of my order?
Shipment notification e-mail messages will automatically be sent to you. These, as well as each and every notification created during the processing and shipment of your order, are automatically sent to the e-mail address on your account as soon as activity occurs with your order. Shipment notification messages will, of course, contain the tracking information for your shipment.
What is the return policy on shipped items?
Our return policy is outlined here and detailed in our Terms of Sale in the Online Store. Basically, all products are welcome for return within 30 days of the invoice date. We must be notified of all shortages and shipping mistakes within 30 days of the invoice date. All returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee, which is applied at our discretion.
Do you ship outside of the United States and its territories?
We currently do not ship our products outside of the United States. Please consult with a firearms exporter of your choice who may be able to assist you in this matter. If you have special order requirements, please contact us by telephone at 540-443-9250.
How is the shipment of my order handled?
Almost all order shipments from our facility are delivered by UPS Ground. The only other courier that we use is the United States Postal Service, which can be requested for orders not including high-value items or loaded ammunition. Following are some common restrictions applicable to shipments.
  • We cannot ship ammunition by air, such as with UPS 2nd Day or UPS Next Day.
  • We cannot ship ammunition directly to the states of Alaska and Hawaii. If you have placed an order requesting shipment of loaded ammunition to Alaska or Hawaii, please contact us by telephone at 540-443-9250 to discuss your options.
  • We will not ship items that are prohibited in the state to which it was requested to be shipped. Please review your state's firearms laws before ordering. In the interest of quick and efficient order processing, most special permits are not requested or recognized by Alexander Arms®.
  • We cannot ship unregistered lower receivers or complete rifles to anyone or any company that does not have a current, signed, and legible FFL of types 01, 02, 07, 08, or 10 on file with us. These parts will be shipped to the premises address on a valid FFL. If you are a retail customer and you ordered a lower receiver or rifle without supplying us with the shipping and contact information of your FFL-holding dealer, we will not be able to fully process your order until we receive this information from you as well as a photocopy of your dealer's current and signed FFL. If you are a dealer and we do not have your current FFL on file, please submit this to us as soon as possible.
  • Most shipments are sent with a signature requirement. We do this because most of our packages contain high-value items. Packages that contain a rifle, a lower receiver, or loaded ammunition require an adult signature for delivery and this is not optional. Customers not ordering items that require adult signature are welcome to request that no signature be required for delivery. However, we strongly encourage customers to not request that this requirement be removed for the safety and insurance of your order. Alexander Arms® reserves the right to place a signature requirement on any package, regardless of customer request. Alexander Arms® cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen shipments for deliveries sent without a signature requirement at the customer's request.
How will I receive the factory-loaded ammunition that I ordered?
If you included factory-loaded ammunition in your order, you will have agreed to a statement indicating that you are at least 21 years of age. It is against federal law for anyone under the age of 21 years to purchase all types of loaded ammunition. All shipments containing loaded ammunition will be made by UPS Ground and will include an adult signature requirement; these are not optional. Loaded ammunition cannot be shipped directly to Hawaii, Alaska, New York City, Washington D.C., or APO/FPO addresses. Special arrangements are required to be made by the customer to ship ammunition to Alaska and Hawaii. If you are an Alaskan or Hawaiian customer wishing to order loaded ammunition, please contact us by telephone at 540-443-9250 for additional details. Illinois residents must contact us by telephone at 540-443-9250 to supply their F.O.I.D. card and to place an ammunition order. We must ship ammunition orders from Illinois residents to the address on the card. If you have special order requirements, please contact us by telephone at 540-443-9250.
How will I receive the upper receiver assembly that I ordered?
Upper receiver assemblies are not BATFE regulated products as they do not contain the firing mechanism and are not serialized items. Upper receivers can legally be shipped anywhere and to anyone.
How will I receive the lower receiver or rifle that I ordered?
As many customers of the firearms industry know, FFL-holding dealers must be used in the transfer of lower receivers and complete rifles. If you included a lower receiver or a rifle in your order and you are not an FFL-holding dealer who is registered with Alexander Arms®, you must specify the shipping address of your preferred dealer as the shipping address of your order. We also ask that, when you discuss the transfer of your lower receiver or rifle with your dealer, you please request that the dealer fax or e-mail a photocopy of their current and signed FFL to us. Fax can be sent to us at540-443-9250 and e-mail can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alexander Arms® does not perform firearms transfers. Alexander Arms® cannot deliver a firearm directly to you.
Do your products have six-month, 12-month, or longer production lead times?
No, they do not. Production lead times can vary, most orders have a lead time between 2-6 weeks depending on the order. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us for a more exact lead time.
Your web site does not say an item is out of stock. Is it in stock?
It may or may not be. We do not yet have the capability to display the inventory status or quantity for any product in the Online Store. The Online Store does not indicate "in stock" or "out of stock." We may occasionally include brief statements indicating general information about the production or availability of an item. If you must know if an item is in stock, please contact us. Any order placed with Alexander Arms® remains open indefinitely until it can be shipped, regardless of inventory status or production lead time. Normally, if an item is not an upper receiver, lower receiver, or complete rifle, it is in stock. All weapon assemblies are built to order specifications.
Can I order a product if it is not in stock?
Our web site is designed to allow customers to order any product, regardless of its inventory status or projected availability. Customers must place an order with the understanding that all of our rifle products are built to order specifications.
Order Placement, Status, and Changes
Should I order my ammunition or parts separately from my upper receiver assembly or rifle?
No, you should not order them separately. Parts and ammunition should be placed on the same order as an upper receiver assembly or rifle. This allows us to perform more expedient order processing and can also save you significant amounts of money on shipping costs. If a product that your upper receiver or rifle requires is ordered separately, it is possible that a back-order will affect its availability and shipment to you. We cannot combine orders to avoid these situations as this will unfairly adjust the order dates of the orders being changed.
I placed my order some time ago, but have not received it. Is my order cancelled?
We never cancel an order because of its age. Only the customer may choose to cancel an order. Your order will remain open without question or exception until it is prepared for shipment. All order activity including status changes, modifications, notifications, shipment confirmations, or other informative messages are automatically e-mailed to you. If we ever have a question about the processing of your order, you will always be contacted.
My shipment did not include all of the items that I ordered, but the missing items appear on my invoice. Are they cancelled? Are they lost? Will you ship them? What do I need to do?

All ordered items will be shipped once they are available and once payment is approved. We do not cancel a customer's ordered items without cause and confirmation by the customer. No action needs to be taken by you to ensure that the remaining items will be shipped.

The invoice included with any shipment displays all remaining items on your order, whether they are being shipped or they are not yet being shipped. The items being shipped are designated in the Quantity and Extension columns of your invoice. If a large or significant portion of an order is ready for shipment, it usually will be shipped by us. We charge only for the items being shipped. The first shipment from an order incurs the total shipping cost of the order. Any remaining items are shipped at no additional shipping cost as they become available unless the order has been significantly changed by the customer. Please read the large statement at the bottom of your invoice for additional details.

How can I receive my order faster?
Expedited shipment can be requested by the customer any time before the order is shipped. Expedited shipment almost always costs significantly more than the cost calculated by the Online Store. We cannot and do not offer expedited order production. All incoming orders are produced on a first-come, first-served basis without exception.
How do I cancel my order?
Orders can be cancelled verbally or in writing at any time before the order is shipped. You may contact us using one of the methods on our Contact Us page to provide your order number and to request its cancellation. If you request to cancel an order that has been shipped, the items must either be refused upon delivery or returned by completing the Repair/Return Form. Refused shipments will incur additional shipping costs as we must pay for the return shipment. Returned items are subject to our 15% restocking fee, which is applied at our discretion. Please review the Terms and Conditions page for a general summary of our order cancellation policy and our Terms of Sale page for the complete customer order agreement.
Why has the lead time for my order been changed?
As with any specialty production facility, lead times can and will vary, even from one day to the next. It is for this reason that we normally do not provide specific production lead times. More often than not, a change in production lead time is the result of matters that are out of our control. This can happen due to vendor back-orders, quality control matters, shipping delays, weather delays, and many other reasons. If an Alexander Arms® representative specifies a lead time for you, this is courteously offered only as an estimate based on current production rates, parts availability, and delivery expectations. Lead times are not provided as a guarantee in any way. Lead times are provided only as a courtesy at the customer's request and are subject to change without notice. We do not have the ability to automatically notify customers of adjusted lead times. We do our very best to notify customers of outstanding or exceptional circumstances related to their orders.
Can I add an item to the order I have already placed?
We allow the addition of an item to an order as long as the item is not out of stock or in limited supply. Order modifications may result in manual processing of the order by our team, which can delay processing and shipment.