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Repair/Return Form

You may use this form to provide us with information about a part that you need to ship to us for return, repair, or exchange. Enter any applicable information and be as detailed as is necessary to fully-explain your issue. Please contact us by phone at 540-443-9250 for the required RMA number.

When you are finished entering the necessary information, submit the form online using the button at the bottom. We must receive this information before receiving your return shipment. Please print and enclose this form with your shipment.

We reserve the right to charge customers at our discretion and as needed for labor offered as a courtesy or for labor provided to correct customer modifications. Factory assemblies that have been significantly modified or used with incorrect components may be declined for repair. Assemblies not manufactured by Alexander Arms® will not be accepted for repair or any work. We do not charge for labor required to replace a defective component or to correct a factory assembly error. For more details about costs, please contact us by telephone at 540-443-9250.

For your information: It is not unlawful for a customer to ship a registered firearm, nor is it unlawful for any person or company to ship the registered firearm directly back to the owner.

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