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Mount Up! Ready for anything with Spartan Mounts.

If you don’t have a gun at hand when you need it, then you don’t have a gun at all.

It doesn’t matter how many guns you own, when you suddenly need a gun, its it means right now, it usually means a long gun if possible, and a gun in a safe might as well be in another state.

I’ve had a a bit of a struggle with a good solution for keeping long guns ready at hand for an emergency. A side by side shotgun on a rack and shells nearby was ready for a certain fox that was threatening livestock. When the fox next appeared, my well-planned interception descended into a mad scramble to find shells after well-intentioned house cleaning left me with an empty shotgun in my hands. (Here’s a solution!)

At my house, there’s a perpetual potential of a bear appearing in the yard at any moment of the day. With livestock and children around, we have to be prepared for immediate action.

.50 Beowulf next to the door for a grab-and-go scenario.

I have the advantage of a door that opens onto a roof and balconies, giving coverage of all sides of the house from an elevated position. This is the perfect place to keep a .50 Beowulf rifle, loaded and ready. I wanted it accessible yet out of reach of smaller children. I was thinking about hanging it by the sling from a nail, when I became aware of Spartan Mounts and the products they manufacture.

A box soon arrived with several mounts inside. The mounts come with screws and drywall anchors, for those who believe in drywall anchors. I do not.

There were an array of mounts to choose from, some designed to display firearms on the wall; others to create an an organized and efficient storage space, but I chose models that lend themselves to keeping a rifle secure yet ready for immediate use.

Spartan AR-15 QDM Mount

I pulled an AR-15 QDM mount out of the box and headed up to the top floor with some basic tools. I located the studs closest to the door (remember that I don’t believe in drywall anchors?) and chose a good height that put the rifle out of reach of small children, but at a convenient height for removing the rifle from the mount.

15 minutes later, my Beowulf rifle was mounted next the the door with a magazine locked in the gun and spares next to it in  their own wall mount. One spare is in a FAB Defense paddle magazine pouch, ready to snap to my belt on the way out the door.

I have to admit, though I saw the utility of the mounts, I wasn’t sure how much I would actually like them. Once installed on the wall, I was impressed. The mounts look clean and professional.

The Spartan Mounts AR-15 QDM (Quick Defense Mount) securely holds a standard AR-15 by the front of the magazine well. The inside of the mount is grooved to fit the AR’s lower receiver and designed so the top of the rifle can face either right or left.

There is no latch, and the rifle can be removed by simply lifting it out of the mount. The mount allows for an inserted magazine to stored in the rifle.

From this rack, I can have the rifle in one hand by the time I have the door open with the other.

Wall mount holding .50 Beowulf rifle upright.

Spartan Vertical Wall Mount.

Now that I had a .50 Beowulf loaded for bear and ready at the door to the roof, I felt I still needed one near the main entrance below.

Spartan AR-15 Vertical Wall Mount

An AR-15 vertical mount was just right for this application.

The vertical mount is inserted into the magazine well, precluding storage with a magazine inserted. It could be arrayed in a number of different angles, but I installed it in a vertical orientation. The rifle’s barrel points up and it is mounted at the right hight so that it can be easily grasped by the grip with the firing hand. Pressing the magazine release at that point allows the rifle to be removed from the mount.

Sliding another .50 Beowulf rifle onto this mount and hanging a magazine pouch nearby has me loaded for bear and ready for anything.

The Spartan Mounts are well-built, look good, and fit the guns perfectly.

I can certainly foresee more Spartan mounts in my future. There is this one AR that I keep in my bedroom . . .

Removing a .50 Beowulf from a Spartan QDM mount

Simply lifting the rifle removes it from the QDM Mount.

Pressing the mag release is required to remove the rifle from the vertical mount, adding a layer of security.

The QDM Mount is grooved to tightly fit the receiver, providing a very secure hold on the rifle.

Mounting a Spartan Magazine mount for .50 Beowulf magazines.

I kinda lied when I said I don’t use drywall anchors. With one mag mount screw in a stud, the other went in one of the included drywall anchors.













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