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One simple trick fixes most AR-15 malfunctions.

Proper lube keeps this 6.5 Grendel rifle running flawlessly.

There is a noticeable trend with modern semi-auto rifles; shooters dealing with frequent malfunctions.

You see it on the range, in videos online. It happens with quality rifles and cheap rifles. It happens with brand new rifles and rifles that are well used. On the range, you may clear malfunctions without really thinking about it, but when shooting in a class or competition or hunting, where malfunctions impact performance goals, the number of malfunctions may surprise you.

I have learned one trick that will solve almost every malfunction and keep rifles running malfunction free.

The secret formula is in a bottle. It’s called oil.

“What brand of oil?” you ask. 

Glad you asked, because this is important: It generally doesn’t really matter. 

If it is a good quality gun oil, it should work fine. What DOES matter is that the rifle is lubed and lubed well. By well I mean it should be a wet mess inside the action. Oil everywhere. That’s how an AR likes to run.

If your new AR-15 is experiencing malfunctions, LUBE IT. Chances are that’s all it needs.

This .50 Beowulf Cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your Beowulf clean, lubed, and running smooth.

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